our story

Since our first customer ordered their shed in 1994 from our family's small shed shop in Blanch, NC, we've been blessed with more than 27 years of happy customers. I have heard people say "cheaper by the dozen," but if you ask my mom and dad about raising 9 children while running a farm and a small business, they'd disagree. From a young age, my dad had my 5 brothers and me up bright and early hammering away. The road to get here was as bumpy as the 2-mile dirt road we started at the end of, but we're grateful today to be able to build your sheds out of the largest shop in the Eastern United States.

A lot has changed since we started, we're no longer Amish, but we haven't forgotten our roots, and the things that matter most haven't changed a bit. God and family still come first in our lives, and when it comes to business, the customer still comes first. Treating people the way we want to be treated is still our motto. Each shed that leaves through the front gate is still built with the same quality and care as our first order. I don't think any of us ever imagined our small shed shop would grow to this point, but I can tell you from the bottom of our hearts we're thankful for every one of you that's helped us along the way. We hope that we can keep providing you with great quality sheds, but more importantly, a great experience that leaves you just as happy to have joined the Homestead family as you've all made us over these last 27 years.

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